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M and M

Some of you may remember a little girl called Millie who came to the rescue from Romania in the Spring of last year. When Millie arrived she was incredibly reactive towards other dogs, mainly due a total lack of confidence.
Whilst Millie was in a foster home local to us, Steve and I had the privilege of working with Millie and her foster Mum. Initially we walked with our Shep Tessie, and then a few weeks down the line we introduced her to a friend of ours, Andyy who, like us, had an older Shep called Zara.
Walking with the two older sheps gave Millie a new found confidence, so much so that Andy fell for Millie and she joined his family last June.
Over the last year, Millie has grown in so many ways, thanks to the support and training given by her Dad Andy and her big sister Zara.
Sadly, a few weeks ago Zara passed away however her legacy lives on in Millie and now Millie has today become a buddy and mentor for a 5 year old bitch called Maya who was rehomed to Kim a few weeks ago.
Andy jokily refers to younger Millie as the Tasmania Devil…this devil has now matured and is now helping others.
Please, when you adopt a rescue, don’t give up…the road will be long and rocky at times but seeing this little girl (Millie in red harness) proves that anything is possible if you’re willing to put in the time and effort. So proud of you Millie – and you have a new best buddy after today.

m and m 2

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