easysearch – Search the Web and Raise Funds

You can also raise funds when you search the web – with easysearch, a search engine with a difference!

When you search the web with easysearch, you’ll raise around 1p for us with every search you make! Just like easyfundraising it is completely free to use and if you make just 10 searches a day, you could raise £25 a year – or more – for us, just by switching to easysearch.

What do I do?

1. Click the link http://gsrs.easysearch.org.uk.

2. Select ‘Set as my Home Page’ from the menu on the left to use easysearch to search the web from your Home page.

3. You could also click ‘easysearch from my Browser’ this will add a small search box to the top right of your browser page. Use it for quick searching. (If you have more than one search added to your browser you may have to use the drop-down to select easysearch.)

Check out our unique easysearch page at http://gsrs.easysearch.org.uk and use it every time you search the web.



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