Adopted on: February 3rd 2024

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2 years
Black and Tan
Semi long
Good with other dogs:
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Gorgeous girl Tui is 2 years old and looking for a foster or new forever home.

She is long haired , black & tan and entire.
Tui is showing signs of being scared of other dogs (which isn’t unusual in kennels) so ideally she would be better as an only dog.

She has lived with children but we would only consider a home with gsd savvy teenagers.

She is a real sweetheart who seems very food orientated and knows sit and down and appears to walk nicely on the lead.

She would suit a quiet, Gsd and rescue experienced home.
Tui is in kennels near Southampton
Applications for foster or adoption via this  website please.

Latest Updates for Tilly

November 12th 2022

Tui is a 2 year old female with who is entire, microchipped and in date for vaccinations.
Tui has been with us in kennels for 4 months now.
She is a gorgeous little dog who walks well on the lead and travels well in the car.
Tui can be selective with people and has shown guarding tendencies in the home. For this reason we feel she needs an adult only home (if children visit she would need a safe place to go ).
She has got better when she sees other dogs when out walking however she does need to be an only dog as she can show reactivity.
She will need an experienced rescue home.

Tui is in kennels near Southampton and will require multiple meets.

November 16th 2022

Tui looking a bit bedraggled after playing in ALL the puddles! She walks very well on the lead when it's quiet but can be reactive to people and dogs so needs a bit of space around her. She is quite slight though so she isn't too hard to hold. She is such a cutie!

March 31st 2023

Tui has been in foster for 4 weeks now and here is what her fosterers have to say about her.
Tui does have guarding issues but has been fine with both of her foster parents. She is not good with visitors though and they put her in in another area in the house when they come.
She is very intelligent and confident.
She is very playful and likes having fun with her towel when being dried.
She does bark at dogs outside of the house if they are close to her but she is ok if they are at a distance. She occasionally barks at the dog that lives next door too. She does know “Stop Barking” and responds very well to that, very helpful.
She sleeps in the conservatory at night and gives her fosterers a very enthusiastic greeting in the mornings.
The fosterers feel a change of name might benefit her.
She has mild hip dysplasia but is not on any painkillers now and is not showing any signs of discomfort.
She is on Synbiotics and has put on some weight now she is in a home. She likes wet food.
Her fosterers think she is a lovely girl but she has guarding issues.

September 24th 2023

This is our gorgeous Tui who has now changed her name to Tilly.
Sadly we had to move Tilly from her loving foster home due to some health issues with her foster Dad. Roger and Shirley were really upset to see her go.
However Tilly is now staying in lovely kennels up in Uxbridge and the owner of the kennels, Jane has been amazing with her.
We’ve previously mentioned that Tilly does have guarding issues, although Roger and Shirley felt that she was slowly improving.
She showed no reactivity towards Jane when I took her up to the kennels on Monday 11th September, to the extent we could remove her muzzle once Jane had found out Tilly’s like for water.
So far Tilly has settled well and enjoys playing ball with Jane.
Tilly really deserves a home of her own, she is such a loving dog . She loves to play and is both treat and ball focussed so can still be trained.
She will need a quiet Adult only home with experience of German Sepherds and behavioural issues.
The ideal situation would be someone who could make several visits to her in kennels so that she can build up some trust before putting her in another different environment .
Please consider giving Tilly her forever home.

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