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Adopted on: June 27th 2021

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3 years old
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RUFUS 3year old entire dog needs a new home, Attached is what our assessor says about him
Rufus – had since 8 weeks old.
When I was first introduced to Rufus he was friendly and gentle. He coped very well with the other, younger, male Yogi bouncing all over the place and pushing him out of the way, with no sign of upset or aggression. Once we got Yogi settled a bit, Rufus came and sat with me, snuggled in and was more than happy to be handled and was very affectionate, giving me lots of kisses and then giving me his paw to hold. He is clearly a very loving soul and you could see the bond he had with his owner. She is very upset about handing him on but her reasons for doing so are understandable.
Rufus has always been a little nervous and shy, right from a pup. When they collected him at 8 weeks the litter was in a barn and the mother was kept separate, only allowed in to feed them. This would explain the lack of socialisation and separation anxiety. For several weeks he would sleep in the crate next to his owner in the bedroom so that he would settle.
He has always been one to steal food and be a little protective of his trophies so they have tried to avoid circumstances that led to this being an issue rather than deal with the problem through training. He has got worse lately and started raiding bins. This led to the issue that has prompted them to look for him to be rehomed. While the owner was upstairs one of the children was in the kitchen and found that Rufus had stolen something from the bin and tried to take it off him. Rufus snapped at him and caught his face, causing bleeding. There was no sustained attack, just a one off snap and it is clear that the children are still comfortable around him. They are 4 boys aged 7,8,9 and 14. That’s a lot of boisterousness and noise and it is clear that Rufus is a dog that prefers quiet and his own company.
The owner’s concern is that after the incident, despite no further recurrence, she is now having to be constantly aware in case he reacts again. With the children beginning to have friends around she is terrified that the dog may react again and that would lead to him being put down, which she couldn’t bear.
The family genuinely care for him and he came across as a really gentle soul when I was with him, very cuddly and very happy to just lie near you once he settled.
We would like a quiet home for Rufus ..

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