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2.5 years
Mainly Black
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Experienced home still needed for Rocco.

Rocco is a 2.5.year old entire working line gsd who came into rescue as he was being kept in a crate for most of the day and when out was fighting with the other resident small breed dog.

Rocco is a working line gsd and has been trialled by both police and prison service but has sadly come back to kennels as is not suitable for either.

That said he is a cracking dog who has a huge amount of potential in the right home.
Rocco is a very friendly boy but is very exuberant and 100% needs a home who will either do agility/ sports with him as he will become destructive if left with no mental stimulation.

Even in the short time he has been in kennels he has improved with his behaviour and as you can see from the video he has started forming a lovely bond with one of the volunteers who has been working with him.

Rocco is very toy and food driven and knows the basic commands but currently lacks impulse control. He picks training up very quickly.
He needs a pet free , child free home and would excel in an active home.

Rocco is certainly not your average pet and is not going to be a couch potato but he will be an amazing companion in the right hands.

Rocco is now back in kennels near Southampton.

Applications via this website please


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January 7th 2024


A beautifully bred, intact, 2 year old working line GSD.

He is strong & intelligent - His teeth & coat are both in immaculate condition with a muscular powerful build. He has a strong, intimidating bark with toy & food drives through the roof. Obviously a dog like Rocco has no business being your average family pet which is how he’s ended up in kennels.

He will need an experienced dedicated handler who understands him & his faults and has the time needed to work through them. He lacks manners/impulse control but responds well to training & with the right guidence roccos potential could be phenomenal.

His recall is excellent and is gentle when taking food, he has ignored dogs but from a distance & been near horses whilst leashed where he showed interest but no reactions.

Rocco needs a working or sporting home.

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