Added: March 9th 2019

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9 years old
Black & Tan
Semi long
Good with other dogs:
Good with cats:
Good with children:


Rex is a beautiful older boy looking for a new home to spend his retirement.

Rex is 9 years old, neutered, vaccinated and micro chipped.

Rex is a lovely friendly boy , he is great with other dogs but not good with cats.

If you feel you can give this gorgeous older his forever home please go to our adoption page and complete our questionnaire

Latest Updates for Rex

April 9th 2019

When Rex arrived with us he was very wobbly on his back end, we thought he might of just been stiff from the journey after several days he was no better so he went to the vets,we cannot get a firm diagnosis unless he has a MRI scan and we don't feel it's fair to put him through that at his age, but it could be hip dysplasia, the start of CDRM or he could have a spinal problem. Rex has been on medication and anti inflammatory s for a couple of weeks now and there has been a significant improvement, he still wobbles now and again and he will never run a marathon but you can see he loves to have a wander round and a little trot.With a good quality diet supplements and his meds Rex has a good quality of life but Rex doesn't want to spent his days in kennels.We feel he should have all the comforts of a home so if anyone could take this boy into their heart and long term foster or adopt him we would be so happy.As you can see he is good with other dogs and great with people we don't know about cats and we wouldn't place him in a home with children of any age as he’s not had any exposure to children. The real sad thing for Rex is we had a potential home for him but because of the uncertainty they didn't feel they would be able to cope.

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