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6/7 months
Black & Tan
Semi long
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Poppy is a gorgeous 6/7-month-old female German shepherd; she is microchipped and in date for vaccinations.

Poppy was found as a stray in a very poor condition, she was grossly underweight and covered in her own feaces she was so bad she had to be sedated and clipped, in our experience Poppy has spent most of her young life confined to a small area with little or no contact from humans. Poppy is very nervous of everything and it is going to take a long time to gain her trust and build her confidence, but with love, patience and the help of a behaviourist Poppy will be the most amazing companion you could wish for. She is currently in foster and her foster family have been working really hard with her in the home and garden Poppy is an amazing little girl

Poppy has a long list of needs, the main one being she needs her safe space as near to a door to the garden so she can run back in when a leaf drops or another scary noise and a totally secure garden with minimum 6’ fences because she is a flight risk. She needs a family where someone is going to be around most of the time, she does have separation anxiety at the moment but then she hasn’t been left for the past few weeks

Poppy is 95% house trained, 100% if the door is left open all the time, she hasn’t worked out to go and sit by the door. She is clean over night and sleeps right through until 6ish in the morning.

Poppy communicates with her mouth which to us indicates she was taken away from her Mum and siblings if there were any at a very young age. When she’s playful she will nip as she runs past if you’re putting her collar and harness on or anything she doesn’t like she will grip on but again this I work in progress. She is very much a hands-off girl at the moment but she is getting better.

Poppy will need multiple meets and ideally, she will need a couple of home visits if it’s logistically possible.

Poppy ideally needs a home in a semi-rural area with a couple who are experienced with the breed and understand the needs of a nervous dog, she is terrified of other dogs so needs to be an only dog but as she is young with time this will hopefully change. No young children because of her nipping.

If you feel you would like to offer Poppy her forever home, please complete our adoption form, at the bottom where it says additional information please add as much information as possible about your experience with nervous shepherds and how you would manage Poppy’s needs.

Poppy is a super little girl once you have gained her trust.

Poppy is in a foster home in Fleet, Hampshire

Latest Updates for Poppy

June 12th 2022

Poppy is still looking for her forever home.
Poppy has now been in foster with us for 8 weeks, the last 3 weeks she has really turned a corner, she is still worried about anything new but if we repeat the same thing several times over, she finds her confidence. She is now fully house trained and sleeps in until 7 am and sometimes longer. Her mouthing is getting less only when she gets over excited or she’s had enough of what you are doing to her, she is still quiet hands off unless she decides she wants fuss, brushing her is one big game to her. Poppy is full of energy and loves to run, she would be a perfect running partner for someone or agility in fact any energetic activity she would love.
Poppy has seen a cat and was nervous of it, she has seen squirrels and pigeons and she doesn’t chase either so she would probably be fine living with a cat. She is still nervous of other dogs but that is work in progress. She is very good with my grand children and loves to bound around with them but think she would be better in a home without children because she gets so excited. Poppy travels well in the car though she hates getting in and out of it.
Not sure what else I can say about this girl except she will be an amazing family member and as loyal as loyal can be

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