Adopted on: March 23rd 2020

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6 months
Black & Sable
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Nero is a cute 6 month old German shepherd. He is vaccinated and microchipped but not neutered.  He is a very loving, cuddly and clever boy. He is initially weary and very vocal when meeting strangers especially when they come to the home. Nero has not had a great start to his short life, he was only in his previous home for 5 days, they were scared of him because he nipped, despite this Nero prefers the company of humans and does suffers with separation anxiety so will need a home where someone is around for most of the time. Nero is currently in foster with 4 other dogs, he does get over excited with toys and food and does try to resource guard if he thinks he can get away with it. He is currently going training with The Academy of Modern Canine Behaviour and Training (Portchester Branch) and will need to continue this training.

Nero is bold, relentless and has bundles of energy, he will benefit from a handler / owner who will be able to give him a job or something to do.

Although he has bonded well with the dogs in my house. He benefits from socialisation at training as he has displayed negative interactions with other dogs. This has been and continues to be addressed in a positive way through training.

He is currently having training to strengthen his recall, boundaries with food and toys, barking and excessive jumping up.

This will need to be continued and he has never had any training until going into foster.

If you have the experience and energy to give Nero the exercise and training, he needs please go to our website and complete our adoption questionnaire

Nero is currently in Havant

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