Nelly (Reserved)

Adopted on: April 15th 2020

All My Details

Nearly 4 years old
Black & Tan
Good with other dogs:
Good with cats:
Good with children:


I really don’t know where to start with this little girl. This is Nelly, Nelly is nearly 4 years old and if it wasn’t for the wonderful Alison Cook this little girl would have been put to sleep this afternoon. What’s her ‘crime’ she isn’t wanted anymore because she costs too much money as she has a skin condition. The ironic thing is this family ‘rescued’ her from a pub where she was tied up outside and used as a breeding machine, we have been told her last little was a year ago but we have our doubts about that. She has been living in a flat the past year and only taken out twice a day. What a sorry life this girl has had, but that will all change now. Nelly is a very friendly little girl, she is good with children as the neighbor’s children used to come in and play with her, we have been told she is good with other dogs but we have yet to test this out. She is not a fan of cats or other small furies.

Nelly’s poor body is covered in sores and she has hair loss because she hasn’t had any treatment for her allergy. We will be taking her to the vets and she will get the treatment she desperately needs. At the moment Nelly is in kennels which isn’t the best place for her she really needs to be in a home is anyone able to foster this little girl? I know we have quite a few people with passed home checks waiting for the right dog could one of you help Nelly and us out by giving her the TLC she needs?

Nelly will be having  blood and allergy tests to find out what medication she needs


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