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Added: April 15th 2024

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18 months
Black and tan
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Max is an entire male, around 18 months old. He’s a big strong boy even though he’s still a little underweight.

I have walked Max weekly since his return to kennels at the start of this year and have grown pretty fond of him. He’s a friendly boy – a little aloof until he gets to know you but in recent weeks he has grown to recognise me when I collect him for a walk and gives me a lovely greeting.

He travels well in a car – he settles into the crate and I don’t hear a peep from him. He’s excited to exit the crate so you need to be ready as he’s strong and out of the car as quick as a flash!

He loves to play fetch and will take himself off for a rest once he’s had a good run about. I think he might enjoy canicross, which would be an excellent outlet for his energy, with the advantage of him being attached to you at all times.

He’s less keen on water and will walk around puddles rather than through them.

He is dog reactive but I have not experienced any spinning (see below). He is certainly alert when he sees other dogs but – in my direct experience – this seems to be more interest/excitement rather than potential aggression. I do try to ensure plenty of space between us and other dogs and so far have not had any problems.

Max is looking for a foster or forever adult-only home where he is the only pet. Like all rescue dogs, he’ll need time to settle into his new surroundings and will greatly benefit from GSD-experienced owners who can help him work through his behaviours, possibly with a reputable trainer who is knowledgeable about the breed. His new owners will be rewarded with a lively and handsome dog who will be a solid companion.

History: Max came to the rescue as a stray towards the end of 2023 and was quickly rehomed. Unfortunately this didn’t work out as Max showed some behavioural issues in the home – biting clothes and spinning on walks when he saw other dogs.

Max is in kennels near Southampton but is finding kennel life stressful. He has redirected onto handlers’ sleeves on a few occasions when stressed by other dogs when walking past their kennels.

If you are interesting in Max, please complete the application form on the website:


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