Maverick (Reserved)

Adopted on: June 16th 2020

All My Details

2 years old
Dark Sable
Good with other dogs:
Good with cats:
Good with children:


Maverick is a 20 month old German Shepherd x Malinois.

He was originally brought up in a flat, and began training to be a police dog until he decided it wasn’t for him. Maverick is quite small at just 26 kilos, but makes up for it in personality. He’s high energy, and probably the happiest dog you’ll ever meet. Mav does have drive, and will need an active home where he’ll get a lot of exercise. He would thrive with someone with an interest in scent work, as he is an excellent tracking dog, but he’d be just as happy doing Cani-cross or agility. Mav is dog-friendly, and is currently in foster with 8 other dogs; however in a home environment he will become jealous of another male, so would be best placed with a female companion. Maverick does pull on a lead; however off-lead he is incredibly responsive, and probably has the best recall in the world. He loves to play ball, and will quickly bond with someone willing to play with him. In the house, Mav has quick bursts of activity, and will then crash out. He’s quite happy when he’s left, and hasn’t shown any signs of separation anxiety. He does have a guarding instinct, and will react to strange noises by barking, although he loves visitors and has never shown any aggression towards strangers. He’s a very silly dog, and although he’s nearly 2, he behaves very much like a puppy. He does need boundaries, and will respond well to someone who is kind but firm. Maverick isn’t the average dog, but for the right person he’ll be an awesome companion. Good with dogs Unknown with cats (probably not.) Has met children of various ages with no problems, but probably would not re home with young kids.

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