Adopted on: December 1st 2022

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9 years old
Black and Tan
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Our rescue has been asked to help rehome a very special dog…

Please meet Marci who is a 9 year old retired police dog. He is entire and in date for vaccinations.
Marci is a clever, brave, intelligent boy who won the PDSA bravery medal after being first on scene after the London bombings.
Marci is sadly being rehomed as his handler’s new police dog keeps attacking him- his family are devasted and feel this is the right thing to do for Marci to have a happy retirement as he is getting very stressed.

Marci is highly trained – his response to commands is excellent and if told to sit & wait he would stay there all day. Because of his training & his work he isn’t a cuddly dog as such in as much as you cannot play rough with him or play fight because he doesn’t know when to stop. He goes over the top with a ball and isn’t happy until it’s destroyed – if he sees a ball when out off lead he will take it and destroy & won’t come back until it’s finished.

His recall is very good. He does pull on the lead and sometimes gets excited for his walk which sees him air snapping. Once put into a sit and stay he soon stops. He wears a flat collar and lead as he associates a harness with working & tracking.
He isn’t food or toy aggressive and he lives with three children from babies and is so gentle with them – but due to his work training it would be best for a home to be child free. He will chase cats.
He loves his walks and needs to be taken at least twice a day. He toilets on his walks and doesn’t soil the garden at all.
Marci likes to be top dog so therefore would be best as an only dog . He possibly could live with a laid back spayed female but would need multiple meets.

Ideally his family would love him to go to someone who maybe has land or a farm where Marci could patrol with them although he could just as easily slot into a normal home with a strong person to handle him.

Marci has no health issues. He has no bite history other than in his Police role. He would be a loyal and faithful companion in the right experienced hands.

We feel Marci would suit an ex dog handler or similar type of experienced GSD person looking for a very special companion.

We will only reply to your application for this boy if you meet his criteria.

Applications via this website

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