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10 months
Black & Sable
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Please meet Khaos who is looking for a very experienced GSD home.
Khaos is a 10 month old entire male. He is microchipped and vaccinated.
Here is what Khaos’s assessor said about him:
Although his breeding is unknown, he would appear to be from Eastern European lines, and has the energy and drive that would be expected of a dog of that lineage.
He was purchased as an 8 week old puppy by his current owners with the intention of him being an appropriate pet for a disabled person, which they were assured by the breeder would be the case. Unfortunately as Khaos has grown up, it has become increasingly apparent that he is not suitable for this role, and during the same period his primary caregiver’s health has deteriorated to the extent she is unable to exercise Khaos.
Upon meeting Khaos in the home environment he comes across as a confident and exuberant puppy. He is an average size for a male GSD of his age, and in good physical condition (although he would benefit from more exercise.) Khaos is very happy to meet strangers, and interacts positively; although he has a tendency to jump up and occasionally mouth, which should be expected of a puppy. He was quick to engage with toys, which immediately diverted him from these behaviors, and led to a particularly constructive session of interactive play. Khaos showed no signs of guarding toys, and was quick to give them up in order to continue the game. It’s clear that his ball drive can be developed further to act as a foundation to training, and he demonstrated a willingness to learn.
Khaos is quite physical in his dealings with humans and likes to come in close for affection- he is happy to be handled and is obviously used to being well loved. He certainly responds well to touch and voice, and I believe would be quick to bond with any prospective owner. Although he likes to jump up and have cuddles, there is also a certain gentleness to his actions, and his exuberance came across more as affection than anything particularly negative. As is the case with most male GSDs of his age, he is very immature, and I would expect this behavior to settle over time if coupled with appropriate training and exercise.
Outside of the home environment the effects of Khaos’ ‘drive’ can be seen. He will walk on a lead, and whilst he will pull, this is more through excitement. Khaos is very quick to become overstimulated in the outside world, which I believe is through a combination of lack of exposure to everyday environments, and lack of exercise. Moving objects such as cars and bicycles are extremely exciting to Khaos, and being unable to reach them, he has a tendency to bite his lead which then effectively becomes a ‘tug’ toy and an outlet for his frustration. He will let go if verbally told to ‘leave,’ but is presently so fixated on what is going on around him that he cannot easily be diverted away from this by introducing balls or food.
Although outwardly Khaos may look as if his behavior is borne of anxiety or aggression, I believe that this is far from being the case. Khaos is a very confident and happy dog that has not had the opportunity to investigate or experience the world in the way that he may have needed, and when out of the home environment his excitement is too much to contain. I have seen no signs of malice in him, and he presents in much the way I would expect of a high drive dog without an appropriate outlet.
Given the time to experience the world fully, with a proper exercise regime and focused training to harness his inherent drive, I anticipate that Khaos’ behavior will improve. He is far from unmanageable in his current state and to an extent is a blank canvas.
He is a no with cats ( he has attacked the resident cat) He has been in the presence of an 11 year old child and was excitable but friendly.
This boy is currently in his own home in Wiltshire.
If you feel you could give Khaos the experienced home he needs please fill in an adoption form via this website 🐾


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