Adopted on: July 11th 2020

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14 months
Black & Sable
Good with other dogs:
Don't Know
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Kai is a beautiful boy who is 14 months old, he is in date with his vaccinations and neutered.

Kai has had a very sorry start to life, 14 months old and potentially we are looking for his 4th home. We had very little information from Kai’s previous owners but we managed to get him into a foster home for a week and learnt the following about him.

Kai is a very energetic boy who is always looking for something to do, he loves enrichment games especially with treats as a reward. He is very alert to everything that is happening around him and his nose is definitely the source of his investigations.

When outside, Kai can be a handful. He is strong on the lead due to the world being a big play ground to him and he wants to be ahead when walking. He is interested in everything around him and can easily be distracted. When he meets other dogs, he approaches them very boisterously but once he has a sniff, calms down. He very much responds to the other dog’s reaction and is on high alert when meeting for the first time. We think that he may not have had enough socialisation as a puppy, hence the really interested approach and investigative nature. If the other dogs, shows any aggression/reaction Kai is quick to retaliate.

Kai is very protective of his handlers so needs careful introductions to strangers especially when out on walks

Kai needs a family who is able to work with him on his social skills, he would also like a home where he has a job so for example agility, scent work any activity where he needs to use his mind. Kai needs to be an only dog with no cats or children.

If you have the experience and time to help Kai with his social skills please go to our website and complete our adoption questionnaire.

Kai is currently in Southampton.

Latest Updates for Kai

July 4th 2020

It was lovely to spend some quality time with the gorgeous Kai at kennels this morning. This lovely lad is still looking for his forever home. He is 15 months old and neutered. This poor boy has not had a great start to his short life, sadly we know little of his past except he is looking for his 4th home. He is very strong on the lead but is very responsive to commands and just needs someone to provide him with training and boundaries. He is looking for a child and cat free home , with someone with previous GSD and rescue experience as he is a strong & lively lad who will push boundaries but will make someone a wonderful companion. Kai needs to be the only dog in the home .
He will need to meet potential adopters a couple of times as he can be wary of strangers and needs to build trust in someone.

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