Izzy also known as Ada

Adopted on: July 3rd 2022

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8 months
Black & Tan
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Please meet Ada who is 6 months old and is looking for a very patient forever home, preferably an adult only home.
Ada can go with another dog after careful introductions.
She hasn’t had the best start in life, she came from Inner London where their were many dogs and pups, she was covered and matted in filth. She was only taken because previous owners were sorry for her, however because of lack of socialisation she has issues that they couldn’t deal with.
Ada is reactive to other dogs when out on the lead, she went to the recent social walk and after a lot of noise she did settle and walked well with a group of other gsds.
She is not 100% house trained so this would have to be addressed (on occasions she tries to clear it up herself)
She needs an experienced GSD/rescue home that can work with her and continue her training.
On the plus side she loves a cuddle, she is extremely clever (apart from the toilet issue) and once her issues have been sorted she will be a lovely loyal dog.


Latest Updates for Izzy also known as Ada

May 18th 2022

Ada who is 7 months old is still looking for her forever home. She has recently gone into foster with Chris & Paula in Hampshire and we are learning more and more about the kind of home she needs. She's going to be a big dog, 24kg at 6 months so likely to be 40/45kg as a fully grown adult.
She is 95% house trained now, she still does have the odd accident.
She is showing no food aggression, or aggression around toys - she happily shares with Izzy who is their resident dog.
Ada isn’t that good at ‘drop’, ‘stay’, ‘leave’ or ‘come’. She needs to have formal training, and we would recommend puppy classes at the very minimum, and probably some one on one sessions with a behaviorist to work on her reactivity. Her recall is pretty much non existent.
Her foster mum and dad think she would be a delightful dog in a family home or with one other sensible dog. Being young, Ada does need one to one time, so someone needs to be with her during the day to get the best out of her and give her the attention she needs to progress.
Ada is crate trained and is happy to sit for an hour or 2 in her crate if you need a little peace and quiet. She currently sleeps in the bedroom with will go through the night with nothing more than the odd check to make sure you are still there. She loves people, is happy to have a cuddle or sit on the sofa/bed.
She does react to next doors dog when in the garden. In fact, if a dog barks in the next village she seems to be able to hear it and shouts back.... Around the house she is a confident little thing and plays all the time with their resident GSD.
When walked on her own she walks fine (but is still strong on the lead) until she gets distracted by another dog, then she is very vocal and jumps around. In open spaces this can be controlled by turning her and moving her away, but its much harder in a confined space like a lane or a narrow footpath. Reactivity is better than it was, but it will still need dedicated effort to improve and make her fully sociable. If she meets people when she’s out she is fine.
She has met horses when out walking. First time no reaction, the second time she did jump around a little bit. She is fascinated by the resident cat, and is yet to do a close face-to-face introduction. She could be OK with careful introduction to a dog savvy cat, but she will chase a cat (or any other small furry) if it runs. She has shown no sign of aggression towards anything.
Ada needs a GSD experienced home, none of her character traits are unusual for the breed, she's just an excitable puppy who hasn’t been adequately socialised and needs to have her boundaries set.
If you feel you can give Ada the experienced home she needs and most importantly have the time and patience with her please fill in an application form via the website.
We can only consider applications if you have experience with dog reactivity as Ada will require a very dedicated new home.
Ada is based in foster in Hampshire so any potential adopter needs to be prepared to travel for at least a couple of meets especially if they have a resident dog.

June 12th 2022

Ada is still looking for her forever home. She did have a second meet but sadly she had an incident with the resident dog so it wasn’t going to work. Ada did nothing wrong, sadly the other dog wasn’t happy with her 🥲
She 8 months old, microchipped and in date for vaccinations. She is good with other dogs in the home, is very respectful to male dogs and plays beautifully with the foster home's resident 5 yr old female GSD. She shows interest in the resident cat, but so far the 2 are being kept separate.
She is dog reactive when being walked, but if the other dog is allowed to greet her she does not show aggression.
Recall in the home is good, out not so much and she does pull on the lead so she will need further socializing, and someone who can walk a strong 26kg dog.
She is going to be the most wonderful dog for the right family, please apply via the link below, or if you are already home checked please contact admin.

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