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3 years old
Black and tan
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Duke was re homed by us 2 years ago sadly due his owners ill health Duke is looking for a new home, here is what his owner says about him

Duke will be 3 years old in May.  His vaccinations are up to date.  He had an operation to remove an  undescended testicle over a year ago and the vet advised that we left the other one as he was immature.  We have been feeding him a raw diet, which he does really well on, as he had frequent upset tummy and excessive urination on kibble when we got him.He’s sociable towards most dogs but can be touchy with entire males.  He has a good recall and loves long walks and fetching a ball.  Enjoys playing in water. He is strong on the lead but is used to walking on a dogmatic head collar.   He has had some obedience training ie formal heel work, sit, down,stay etc he will happily play with toys around the other dogs and doesn’t get competitive or resource guard

He is aloof with strangers, happy to ignore but doesn’t like over familiarity from them.  He is a very boisterous dog and would not be suitable for a home with young children as he would easily knock them over.

He has some handling issues.  Always been uncomfortable with his back end and abdomen being touched.  We have been working on him accepting being groomed and he has done well.   He is not happy with vets examining him and is muzzled for safety.  He is quite a confident dog, not jumpy or nervous.

He has barrier reactivity.  In a vehicle for example or in a crate.  We decided not to crate him due to his early experience, before we got him, of being crated excessively.He is very clean in the house and does not resource guard his food or toys.

He is not good with anything he perceives as confrontation and will respond aggressively.  Eg using a fly swat in his presence!He was very mouthy when we first got him and would grab quite hard in play.He is much improved but occasionally nips when excited but will stop when told.


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