Adopted on: October 1st 2023

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Approximately 2 years
Good with other dogs:
Don't Know
Good with cats:
Don't Know
Good with children:
Don't Know


Barney is a 2 year old entire male who has recently come into kennels after being found as a stray.
Little is known about his past but he is a very friendly boy who so far hasn’t shown any reaction to other dogs walking past his kennel.
Due to us having no info on his past he would be best suited as an only dog, no young children and is not cat tested.
Barney is in kennels near Southampton
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Latest Updates for Barney

July 23rd 2023

From one of our volunteers walkers :
Barney was great today. Very keen on sniffing everything so it was quite a zig-zag walk. He did pull but it was nothing major and perfectly manageable. Jumped up at me a few times but easy to get four paws back on the ground and he loved having a fuss. I noticed if I bent down to his level he was keen to get in close for a stroke and will lean against you while you do it. Saw a chap with a reactive dog who we often see. Barney did pull towards him but no barking, no lunging, no aggression - just very interested. He was also interested in something moving in the bushes and a mouse that scuttled across the path in front of him! Easy to get under control. Had a good look at the field of cows but no barking or jumping. No interest in a couple of cyclists. Happily stepped to the side of a narrow path to let a walker past. I kept him on a short lead and there were no issues at all.

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