A sad but happy day for GSRS

ted 2
Monday, September 10th, 2018 Posted in Article No comments

There is always a huge mixture of emotions when a new dog comes into the rescue and none more so than with the arrival of the gorgeous Ted.

Firstly the desperate sadness that his long time owner had to make the difficult and heartbreaking decision to let him go after he was diagnosed with a terminal illness. He soon realised he would not be able to look after his companion the way he would like to and putting his beloved pet first he contacted GSRS in the request to find him a new home.

Our huge thanks to Maureen and Andrea Watson who have been amazing with their help. Firstly by taking Ted out for walks over the past few weeks but also with their sympathetic support and understanding to the previous owner who has so bravely put his dog first before the bond of friendship he had forged with the pet he loves so much.
This is without doubt the hardest part of GSRS work.
The two ladies and Erica will continue to support Ted’s former owner through this difficult time.

However the happy news is Ted now has a now moved to a new home and is spending time in the park playing football.

Our thoughts and hearts are so much with Ted’s previous owner but deep down at least we can soften that emotion by knowing Ted can now enjoy his future life to the full.